Transition Studies for Homeowners Associations

A blueprint for success

In the life of a community association, few events are more important than the “Transition” – the point at which the developer transfers control to the governing body owners elected to manage the association’s finances and protect its assets. What owners know about the property will guide critical decisions the governing body must make; what they don’t know about the property can impair their decision-making and threaten the community’s future.  The purpose of a Criterium-Cona Engineers transition study is to ensure that owners know exactly what they’re getting when they take over.

Information you need and can understand

A Criterium-Cona Engineers transition study is comprehensive, detailed, and understandable.  Our professional engineers evaluate construction quality, review design features, and scrutinize critical components to verify that the work is complete and consistent with design and construction plans.  The goal is to verify that construction quality standards and design requirements have been met and to identify any areas where that is not the case. Their observations are visual in nature and include an analysis of the site and building exteriors as well as a review of an agreed upon percentage of the units.

Transition Study FAQs:

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What is a Transition Study?

A transition study is a review of a property to review the construction quality of a community prior to turnover from the builder to the owner. A transition study exhibits the construction details of a community as compared to the engineered drawings and typical quality construction standards.

What value does a transition study provide?

A transition study may bring deficiencies in a development to the board’s attention while construction is still under warrantee. The goal of the transition study is to detect items out of conformance with the design intent before small deficiencies “snowball” into more significant, costly items.

What is the best time to obtain an HOA Transition Study?

An HOA generally obtains a transition study when the contractor has claimed substantial completion of the development. This allows for a thorough inspection of the development within the typical warrantee period provided by the general contractor.

What documents are provided to the Homeowners Association after a Transition Study is Conducted?

A transition study generally includes an on-site inspection and punch list, which is delivered to the HOA board along with a photo log to document observations made by the inspector. Each deficiency is typically accompanied by a location and recommended correction.

What is examined during a transition study?

The building components for which the HOA is financially responsible are examined. Inspections are generally limited to site and building components that are observable without destructive or invasive testing or observations.

Are interiors examined during a transition study?

Unit interiors are not part of the base scope of a transition study but are commonly added to the scope if current or future building tenants have concerns with the construction of the units.

Why choose Criterium-Cona Engineers for your HOA Transition Study?

Every HOA transition study provided by Criterium-Cona Engineers is conducted and/or reviewed by a Colorado licensed Professional Engineer.

What is Criterium-Cona Engineers’ service area?

Our services area map may be found here and includes the Denver metropolitan area including Fort Collins. We also cover Summit and Eagle counties.

For the life of your association™

Knowledge is power and a transition study is a powerful resource, providing association boards with the information they need to make informed decisions about their community.  Criterium-Cona Engineers sets the industry standard for transition studies.  Let us prepare one for you. Contact us or call 720-788-6680 to obtain more information or to request a proposal.