Reserve Studies for Homeowners Associations

A reserve study your homeowner association can rely on

At Criterium-Cona Engineers, we know the longevity of your homeowner association depends on careful management of your community’s assets and capital reserves. We understand how buildings perform over time, and we have built an enviable reputation for providing reserve studies that identify risks, reveal opportunities, and manage costs.

Real engineering expertise applied in real time

Not all reserve study providers use licensed engineers. Every Criterium-Cona Engineers homeowners association reserve study is conducted and/or reviewed by a licensed, Professional Engineer and includes observations and analysis gathered in the field. In fact, our experienced engineers perform over 25 reserve studies annually as part of the more than 150 inspections we perform each year.

We are your community engineer

Most community associations prefer to work with an engineering consultant that knows their community. We have a local presence in the Greater Denver area from Aurora to Ft. Collins as well as Summit and Eagle County, ensuring your Criterium-Cona engineer has local expertise on buildings, maintenance costs, and environmental regulations and considerations.

Clear communication with your community association

We do more than write your reserve study in a clear, easy-to-understand way. We attend association meetings to help you present and explain it to your community. Your personal Criterium-Cona engineer will be by your side every step of the way.

Meeting—and exceeding—requirements and regulations

A full reserve study focuses on specific parts of your property, describing their quantity, condition, typical useful life, and probable replacement costs. The financial analysis measures the impact of maintaining and replacing these key components over the next 20 – 30 years and recommends a reserve funding strategy to make sure adequate funds are available when needed.

Upon request, we can provide even more. An enhanced reserve study can:

  • include a Property Condition Report with comprehensive descriptions of critical components and systems like plumbing, HVAC, roof and siding, and common interiors
  • expand reporting beyond common inventory elements into individually owned assets that may affect value
  • suggest accessibility improvements to amenities and assets, providing a guide for good property management
  • propose alternative solutions that upgrade instead of replace existing components, so properties operate more efficiently
  • explore and recommend alternative funding arrangements and investments, including iterative funding options analysis

At Criterium-Cona Engineers, we want every reserve fund study to be the start of a long-term relationship. From follow-up studies to engineering consulting, we can continue to help you support the physical and financial health of your homeowners association.

For the life of your association™
The value of a reserve study is best revealed in maintenance cost savings, smart investments in improvements, and peace of mind. Request a proposal for your next reserve study. Contact Criterium-Cona Engineers to turn an in-depth report on your physical property into a clear picture of your community’s financial health.