Reserve Study for Homeowners Associations

A reserve study your homeowner association can rely on

At Criterium-Cona Engineers, we know the longevity of your homeowner association depends on careful management of your community’s assets and capital reserves. We understand how buildings perform over time, and we have built an enviable reputation for providing reserve studies that identify risks, reveal opportunities, and manage costs.

Real engineering expertise applied in real-time

Not all reserve study providers use licensed engineers. Every Criterium-Cona Engineers homeowners association reserve study is conducted and/or reviewed by a licensed, Professional Engineer and includes observations and analysis gathered in the field. In fact, our experienced engineers perform over 25 reserve studies annually as part of the more than 150 inspections we perform each year.

Reserve Study FAQs

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What is a Reserve Study?

A reserve study is a review of an existing property to determine estimates of capital requirements for future operations and maintenance requirements. A reserve study serves a financial planning document for a Homeowners Association’s reference.

Why does my HOA Board of Directions need a Reserve Study?

A reserve study is a financial planning tool to be utilized by an HOA board to prepare for future expenses pertaining to a property. An HOA Board may refer to a reserve study to determine how to modify fees to cover the costs of operations and maintenance.

How often should I obtain an HOA Reserve Study?

We recommend that an HOA Reserve Study be obtained every 3 to 5 years.

What documents are provided to the Homeowners Association after a Reserve Study is Conducted?

A reserve study generally includes a physical analysis of the property including component log and current deficiencies. A financial analysis including a 30-year capital expenditure projection and a photograph log including examined building and site components.

What is examined during a reserve study?

Critical building and site components are examined for their condition. This may include but is not necessarily to: roofs, siding, windows and doors, HVAC equipment and piping, plumbing equipment and piping, electrical and security components, structural components, parking lots, sidewalks, landscaping, and site structures such as gazebos or staircases. Existing or As-built drawings are reviewed by the engineer as well.

What is the extent of the financial analysis provided in the Reserve Study?

The financial analysis focuses on the expected useful life and remaining useful life of building and site components. The intent of the financial analysis is to measure the cost impact of maintaining and replacing these components over the next 30 years. If necessary, a strategy for increasing reserve funding to accommodate capital repairs is recommended in the financial analysis.

Why choose Criterium-Cona Engineers for your HOA Reserve Study?

Every HOA reserve study provided by Criterium-Cona Engineers is conducted and/or reviewed by a Colorado licensed Professional Engineer. Our engineers perform over 25 reserve studies annually as part of the more than 150 inspections we perform each year.

What is Criterium-Cona Engineers’ service area?

Our services area map may be found here and includes the Denver metropolitan area including Fort Collins. We also cover Summit and Eagle counties.

For the life of your association™
The value of a reserve study is best revealed in maintenance cost savings, smart investments in improvements, and peace of mind. Request a proposal for your next reserve study. Contact Criterium-Cona Engineers to turn an in-depth report on your physical property into a clear picture of your community’s financial health.