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Manufactured Home Foundation Inspections

Criterium-Cona Engineers provides foundation designs and inspections for dealers, lenders, and buyers of manufactured and mobile housing in the Denver area. Experience, organization, and economy of scale allow us to offer the following services at very reasonable cost:

H.U.D. Permanent Foundation designs

We prepare foundation designs for new manufactured homes. Certain public housing and low interest lending programs administered by agencies such as F.H.A. specify foundations that meet the guidelines in HUD Handbook 007487 (formerly 4930.3.) and HUD Directive 4145.1.

H.U.D. Permanent Foundation Inspections

When a manufactured building is already set up, we inspect its foundation at the site. Foundations that meet HUD prescriptive requirements are certified. Otherwise, we provide specific recommendations for meeting the specifications.

Freddie Mac Foundation Inspections

We provide the inspections and certifications needed to qualify new and existing manufactured homes for low interest Freddie Mac loan programs.

To request a manufactured home foundation inspection or design in the Denver area, call us at 720-788-6680 or use our Contact Us form.